Ebook Based on True Events

The Way of Vengeance ebook novel is set during the 1932-3 Terror Famine known as the Holodomor, and is based on a historical canvas of true events. The characters in this ebook novel are fictitious, yet highly likely and plausible individuals, considering the military history and status quo of the day. The storyline is often played out against a dramatized backdrop of true events during The Holodomor. Indeed, many scenes depict these true events, with the fictional characters interacting with, and making their mark upon real history.

The Soviet Terror Famine known as the ‘Holodomor’ claimed the lives of around six million people between the harvests of 1932-3 in the worst affected areas of eastern Ukraine.This state-engineered Terror Famine was a Genocide of Holocaust proportions, yet is little known in the modern day, western world. Perhaps the most graphic image of the Holodomor is the child death camp at Kholodnaya Gora in Kharkiv City. Here, ten-thousand starving orphans were hidden away by the Soviet authorities in the giant hangars of the Kholodnaya Gora complex. The weakest and  most emaciated souls were then transported out of the city by train, to make room for new inmates, then abandoned to perish at the track side, on the brink of death, miles beyond the city limits.

This child tragedy is even more heartbreaking when one considers that these children had fled the famine in the countryside to the cities on a journey of hope. Having already watched their parents and siblings die of starvation in the countryside, they had often fled to the city alone.

Carrying a psychological burden of grief and the debilitating physical affects of starvation, these little heroes of endurance and courage found little comfort on arrival in Kharkiv. Indeed, the punishment for feeding a starving orphan was death. So they were cleared from the streets by the Russain military,  and imprisoned in Kholodnaya Gora.

The Way of Vengeance ebook novel follows the plight of the Komysa family and their daily trials and tribulations as they fight for survival against impossible odds. Their incredible journey carries them as fugitives across a dangerous, famine scarred land, as they encounter a powerful resistance group and take on a deadly challenge.

Although a ‘fictional’ family, many of challenges they face as they walk upon the canvas of history and journey across the nation, are indeed a likely representation of some of the challenges their peers would have faced in real life during The Holodomor, given the state of affairs at that time.

The Way of Vengeance ebook novel is the product of many thousands of hours of research and writing and I hope it leaves you inspired,enlightened and uplifted. The many months of research I spent consumed by these true events, and the lives of my characters, left me with a lasting impression of the nobility of the human spirit, as well as a deep respect for the enduring sufferings of this little known, yet enormously significant  people group of recent history.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the journey…

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