The Way of Vengeance ebook novel – THE SETTING

The Soviet terror famine known as The Holodomor (death by hunger) claimed approximately six million lives in the Ukraine between 1932-3 and is the backdrop for this novel.

The Way of Vengeance exists as a lasting memorial to this shocking episode in history that should never be forgotten. My late mother-in-law Ewa Klym, was a childhood survivor of the Holodomor, yet was too traumatized to speak of her experiences.

This work is the product of many thousands of hours of research and writing. As the canvas unfolds, a graphic portrait of Holocaust proportions is revealed. During this enormously significant, yet little known corner of eastern bloc history, a quarter of the population of the Ukraine was wiped out in a single year.

This story of courage, passion and survival is experienced through the eyes of Danya Komysa, a brave partisan, and his family. They are but one family, yet represent a million more — as you look through their eyes and experience their plight first hand, I hope this will be a journey you will never forget.

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