About the author…


WILLIAM SPENCER is a qualified freelance Copywriter based in the North of England. He has been a full member of the Institute of Copywriting since 2006 and was employed by an Oxford based publishing house, for a period of five years during the early nineties. After many years managing various departments in the charitable sector for debt counselling giant CAP, he went on to pioneer a number of small businesses, including an online book store.



The driving force behind his work as a fiction author is to give a voice to the disenfranchised and dispossessed people groups of history.  His debut novel THE WAY OF VENGEANCE was inspired by his late mother-in-law, Ewa Klym, who was a childhood survivor of the Soviet Terror Famine and Purges in 1930’s Ukraine.

His writing explores the theme of intimacy, and upholds the dignity of the human condition: in the face of dilemma and in the face of love, the most intimate thoughts and feelings of the battle weary protagonist, and other main characters are explored in great detail. In his debut novel, he has striven to produce a noble and dignified work which will have a profound and lasting influence upon the reader. It stands as an aide memoire; a relic of history, born out of two thousand hours of research and writing

The Way of Vengeance is available now on click HERE to view